We are the interface between digital and analogue art, fashion and design, we are connecting education with the future.

We`re building an interactive world with lots of creative elements for anyone interested in art, fashion and design while representing our school mediencollege Berlin. You get the chance to solve different quests and in the process of exploring you gain insight into our school and our ways of teaching and creating. Solving certain quests also grants you access to special events.

There are exhibitions which showcase our students work and you’re able to purchase them as NFT’s or trade them with each other. In addition to that we also wanted to bring all of our teachers, including their typical characteristics and peculiarities, as avatars into the metaverse. Our mission is to combine art, design and fashion in a way that is approachable, educational, fun and inspiring.




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Our mission is to combine art, design and digital fashion in a way that is accessible to all, educational, fun and inspiring.


Our „mecoVerse“ is OPEN now!

You need a free account with The Sandbox. If you want to trade NFT’s or participate in our airdrop, you need a wallet. Here we recommend Metamask.

Yes, students from mediencollege Berlin have the opportunity to present and sell their work.

You have the possibility to participate in our NFT – raffle. However, for this you need a wallet.Unfortunately, we are not yet able to hold an NFT or avatar raffle. Here we are subject to the rules of The Sandboxgame.

Akkordeon Inhalt

Design and conception was done by mediencollege Berlin!